Welcome to Roamy

The leading GPS app for adventurers, solo-travelers, and nature-lovers to discover hidden gems around the world. Explore secret locations submitted by people like you with a love for travel and exploration.

A New Way to Explore

Find new and exciting natural locations to unearth hidden gems around the world.

Explore Easily
A real time map displays each natural location in proximity to you, based on your coordinates.

Discover Endlessly
A vast list of categories allows for seamless discovery so you can enjoy all the gifts of nature.

Share Responsibly
Submit your own locations to share the adventure, with a voting system for added safety and real time updates.



Miriam G.
"Super easy to use. Visually appealing. I recommend this to all the homies on our adventures."


Aaron L.
"Before I used to rely on random internet searches to find cool places while I traveled. Now thanks to Roamy, it's a breeze."

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